Best Cheap Car Insurance in California for 2019

There are various insurance companies in California market which are eager to cover your car as a driver. But not all of them are cheap enough to cater to your needs.

In this article, you will know some of the insurance companies that can offer you the cheapest auto insurance policy for:

  • A good driver
  • Drivers with a poor credit report
  • Drivers that have been involved in only one accident
  • Drivers or people who travel less
  • Minimal coverage
  • Those drivers in the military/veteran families

With the above, you will not have any problem with getting the right auto insurance company. Let’s get started.

Cheapest Car Insurance for Good Drivers in CA

From our research, we noticed there are 3 insurance companies that have the best policy cover for those drivers that are typically careful and good on the road. With these companies, you don’t have to break a bank to settle the premiums. Here they are:

State Farm Insurance Company has always been driven by the mission of helping their insured manage their risks, recover from the unknown and come to the realization of their goals. They have been your great neighbor for almost a century now.

Progressive is always on the look for better ways to serve their customers by providing affordable and cheap insurance solutions.

Esurance has been offering their customers multi-discounts packages for their car. And with almost 2 decades in the market, they are really doing well to ensure your car is covered.

Cheapest for those Drivers with Poor Credit Report in CA

Poor credit history can really cause you a headache when you are looking for an insurance policy. Most insurance companies charge high premiums for drivers with poor credit report but the following 3 can save you:

  • State Farm – $2,494/year or $208/month
  • Geico – $2,601/year or $217/month
  • Esurance – $3,549/year or $296/month

Geico Insurance Company is one of the most successful insurance companies in the US that is built on resilience, innovation, honesty, hard work, and perseverance. It now has over16 million policyholders and has insured over 27 million vehicles.

Cheapest for Drivers with only One Accident in CA

Most insurance companies across the globe tend to hike your premiums for almost 5 years after you have caused an accident. That should tell you that if you have even a single accident or at-fault crash, you might have a headache getting an insurance company in California. Nevertheless, these 3 companies are there to offer you the cheapest policy cover:

  • State Farm – $1,453/year or $121/month
  • Progressive – $3,368/year or $281/month
  • Geico – $3,854/year or $321/month

Cheapest for those Drivers on Low-mileage in CA

Sometimes you may want to go economically especially after you have retired or you are working at home and even when using public transportation. This is where you want to get a cheaper auto insurance coverage because you are driving less. The following companies will suit you:

Cheapest for Minimum Coverage in CA

This may not typically cover accidents and other related damages, but it is necessary to keep you on the road. Here are your best partners for this insurance cover:

All State largely incorporates women and minors, especially as their employees. It has insured almost 16 million households and is preparing to cover more. Since its establishment in 1931, it has been embracing diversity, encourages innovativeness, improvement in performance, and accountability.

Cheapest for Drivers in Military Families in CA

If you have a close relative who is in the military or is a member of a veteran, or you are directly in the military, then you have your partner in USAA auto insurance. Since USAA is member-owned, every member feels ownership. Check for eligibility to qualify for their cheap policy cover.


From our research, you can choose State Farm insurance company as your auto insurance partner if you are part of the general public. However, if you are in the military USAA can serve you better.